19 Jul

Alliances raise debate on social networks about Ciro and Bolsonaro

After the discussion about the arrest of Lula, political support wins the debate on social networks

Updated 6 de August, 2018 at 2:24 pm

After the peak of the discussion on the arrest of former president Lula, the election debate focused on the dispute for political support, as the deadline for registration for candidates (15 August) is drawing to a close. In the past seven days (between July 12 and 18), the uncertainty about the name that will occupy the vice presidency in a possible government of Jair Bolsonaro contributed to the increase in the congressman’s participation in the debate.

*Evolution of mentions on Twitter

The race for alliances made references to Bolsonaro exceed the mentions to Lula during some days of the period analyzed, even with the mobilization convoked by the former president’s supporters in the 100 days of his arrest, on Monday (16).

The withdrawal of Senator Magno Malta (PR) to form a ticket with Bolsonaro and the refusal of PRP on the presidential hopeful invitation of General Augusto Heleno mobilized especially ironic and negative mentions. Speculation on the maintainability of voting intention on the congressman without alliances was significant due to the short time allocated to him in the party election broadcast.

The attempt to form alliances, especially with the parties of the so-called Centrão, also stood out among the references to Ciro Gomes in the period analyzed. The articulations from PDT’s presidential hopeful have reverberated especially in economic debates.