16 Jul

Bolsonaro’s engagement increases on the networks with positive signal for agribusiness

Critics and supporters were divided concerning themes related to rural regions and helped the deputy grow

Updated 8 de August, 2018 at 8:45 am

Jair Bolsonaro has achieved a noticeable level of engagement on the social networks since Friday (July 13) because of two complementary positions directly associated with the two central agendas of his campaign: agribusiness and public security, especially in rural regions.

Since Saturday (14), Bolsonaro has been attracting negative attention in the press and among his adversaries for declaring his support for the police officers responsible for the slaughter in the town of Eldorado dos Carajás, Pará, in 1996. Widely criticized for his position regarding the massacre, the deputy garnered, on Saturday only, 298,800 engagements in links disseminating the statement he made in a visit to Pará. That was, by far, the highest daily volume of interactions in links about Bolsonaro over the week, around 200% higher than the numbers he obtained between July 8 and 11.

On Sunday (15), however, the federal deputy’s official page shared on Facebook an image with high positive impact among his followers: the top view of the expression of support “Bolsonaro 2018” written in a plantation in Sidrolândia (MS). The post garnered 72,100 engagements, among reactions, shares and positive comments; it was Bolsonaro’s publication with the highest volume of interactions since June 28, when the presidential hopeful highlighted his reception upon his arrival at the Fortaleza airport, in Ceará.

O posicionamento favorável ao uso ostensivo de repressão em regiões rurais, contra movimentos populares de reforma agrária e ocupação de terras, alinha-se com a agenda mais ampla de Bolsonaro em apoiar o porte de armas para proprietários rurais, o incentivo econômico a setores agropecuários e o foco na defesa de produtores e donos de plantações e rebanhos. O bom resultado da imagem que compartilhou no Facebook evidencia a proximidade que obteve com esse eleitorado.