08 Oct

Definition of the second round prompts 2.45 million tweets

Bolsonaro registers 1.46 million tweets; Haddad surpasses Ciro and registers 507.1 thousand mentions

Updated 16 de October, 2018 at 10:20 am

The end of the first round and the beginning of a new campaign with Jair Bolsonaro and Fernando Haddad were marked on the social networks by praise, celebration, regret and the first movements of the groups taking their positions in the polarization. Until 4 p.m. this Monday, the debate about the presidential election prompted around 2.45 million mentions on Twitter, with Bolsonaro in the lead with 1.46 million references. On Facebook, the PSL candidate also leads the engagement average per post, with 138 thousand interactions per publication.

With the definition of the second round, Haddad (507.1 thousand tweets) surpassed Ciro Gomes (288.7 thousand) once again in the ranking. The expectations for second round alliances were relevant in the main peaks of mentions, as well as demonstrations of regret for the PDT candidate’s result, despite the strong support for him.

Evolution of mentions to political actors on Twitter per hour

Jair Bolsonaro
The PSL candidate remained the most mentioned president this Monday (08) on Twitter, with 1.46 million references between 0:01 a.m. and 4 p.m. The main peak of mentions highlighted messages of his official account, in which he states that it is necessary to fight corruption and violence.

Fernando Haddad
With the consolidation of the scenario for the second round, the volume of mentions to Haddad followed a trend of increase yesterday at night and surpassed Ciro this Monday, reaching 507.1 thousand tweets until 4 p.m. His close relationship with Lula is one of the main topics of the publications.

Number of mentions to the presidential hopefuls in Twitter