01 Oct

Demonstrations against Bolsonaro prompt 1.4 million mentions on Twitter; acts to support the candidate generate 1.05 million

With a peak of 2.5 thousand tweets/minute on Saturday afternoon, the #elenão (not him) movement did not support any party on the network, with low association with other presidential hopefuls

Updated 4 de October, 2018 at 2:18 pm

The movements organized pro and con Jair Bolsonaro that took to the streets in Brazil and many cities around the world in the weekend manifested their polarization regarding the PSL candidate outside the social networks. Based on two hashtags – #elenão, engaged by women mainly, and #elesim (yes him), in response to the movement against Bolsonaro –, demonstrations presented different agendas for the country. Out of a total of 3.6 million mentions on Twitter to the demonstrations of both sides, from Saturday (September 29) until this Monday, 11 am (October 1), 1.4 million posts highlighted hashtags against Bolsonaro, while 1.05 million supported the congressman.

Evolution of mentions to the manifestations of Saturday and Sunday

With a peak of 2.5 thousand tweets per minute at 1 pm on Saturday (29), when demonstrations against Bolsonaro predominated, the debate regarding the movement of women against the candidate have not shown preference for any party. The opposition to Bolsonaro was the focus of the movement, including the hashtag #épelavidadasmulheres (it’s for women’s life), whose volume (772.6 thousand mentions) was next to that of the main hashtag of engagement (#elenão, with 832.3 thousand mentions).

On the other side, the debate supporting Bolsonaro concentrated on Sunday, with a peak of 1.4 thousand tweets per minute at 3:30 pm. Similarly, the PSL candidate was the only protagonist, without any substantial mentions to his adversaries in the electoral race.