06 Aug

Seen for the first time on campaigns, crowdfunding has low engagement

Requests for virtual donations prompted a little over 30,000 mentions since May 15; discussions are divided between Lula and Bolsonaro’s support groups

Updated 9 de August, 2018 at 12:17 pm

More than two months after the start date provided by law for electoral campaign internet crowdfunding, the so-called virtual “vaquinhas” (Portuguese colloquial term for chipping in money) still do not seem to have taken off among Twitter users. An analysis by FGV DAPP with posts published between May 15 and July 30 showed that the subject prompted only 30,914 mentions on the network, of which 27,123 are retweets.

The presence of automated profiles is practically insignificant in the debate so far. Among the publications of the main groups identified in the discussions, there were 1.55% bot interactions in the red group, and 3.31% in the blue group.

Map of interactions about crowdfunding platforms

Source: Twitter | Elaborated by: FGV DAPP

41,53% – Profiles supporting Lula’s campaign

2,69% – Profiles supporting Marina’s campaign

43,87% – Profiles mostly supporting Bolsonaro’s campaign

The publications are organized between two very polarized groups. The dark blue group accounts for 43.87% of users, especially with references to the crowdfunding effort for Jair Bolsonaro’s campaign.

The second highlighted group (red), with 41.53% of the profiles that participated in the discussion on Twitter, is more cohesive and is composed of actors mobilized in the promotion of Lula’s crowdfunding platform.

The green group (2.69%) is less significant and comprises mentions involving the name of pre-candidate Marina Silva (Rede).