14 Sep

On Youtube, TV-originated contents have the most views

Although TV reproductions are a minority among the main videos, they generate 14 million views more than Youtube-specific videos

Updated 19 de September, 2018 at 10:20 am

Despite the efforts of the candidates in generating exclusive content for online platforms, TV-originated content — such as excerpts and comments about the question-and-answer sessions and interviews of the presidential hopefuls — mobilizes the most interactions on Youtube. FGV DAPP analyzed the 20 videos with the most views on the platform between July 1 and September 10 about each of the five best ranking candidates on the voting intention polls: Jair Bolsonaro, Ciro Gomes, Geraldo Alckmin, Marina Silva and Fernando Haddad. Except for eight videos that mention more than one candidate, we observed that, despite representing a smaller number of videos (46%), television content garnered the most views: 59%, around 14 million more than the videos not directly related to TV.

Volume of views in videos about each candidate
Jul 1 – Set 10

Source: YouTube | Elaborated by: FGV DAPP

Videos about Jornal Nacional obtained 12 million views on Youtube, followed by content about Roda Viva, with 9.1 million, and about the debate at TV Bandeirantes, with 6.7 million.

Bolsonaro was the candidate that generated the highest number of views, more than 47.6 million, considering only the 20 most popular videos. The number of views related to him was almost five times bigger than the total number of views ot the second candidate with the highest reach, Ciro Gomes.