01 Aug

Debate about Marina registers volume of 3 days in 3 hours

Interview on GloboNews mobilized 11,6k mentions on Twitter between 10pm Tuesday and 1am this Wednesday

Updated 21 de August, 2018 at 1:45 pm

The question-and-answer session with Marina Silva, Rede’s presidential hopeful, on GloboNews on Tuesday night (31) and prompted 11,608 mentions on Twitter between 10 pm on Tuesday and 1 am this Wednesday (1). Two out of every three of these tweets were posted between 11 pm and 1 am, with at least 25% of the tweets concentrated between 12:30 am and 1 am.

With a recent average of around 4,000 mentions a day, the debate about the pre-candidate registered in just three hours a volume close to that registered in the 72 hours of the previous days (July 28 to 30).

Volume of mentions minute by minute

The discussions about other presidential hopefuls, especially Lula, dominated the debate around Marina, with particular repercussion of the pre-candidate’s statement that “No Brazilian is happy to see Lula imprisoned.” There were also mentions to Jair Bolsonaro, used in comparisons in order to praise Marina’s performance in the interview. Ciro Gomes, in turn, was mentioned in references that associated Marina to the left wing.

The choice of Eduardo Jorge for vice was the second most discussed topic. However, the references gained a more ironic than political tone when discussing the choice of the former deputy.

Regarding the economic debate, the supposed proposal to reinstate the labor union tax within the Labor Reform was criticized. The rest of the economic topics, such as the REFIS (Tax Program Recovery), were prompted by publications by the pre-candidate herself.